17 Best Lead Generation Techniques And Practices

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of online lead generation techniques and practices, you are in the right place. The best 17 techniques and practices that are listed below have proved themselves as performance boosters for the lead sales funnels.

In this complete guide, I reveal to you the best techniques and practices, and how to use them in your sales funnel. You are going to discover practical ways to boost your click-through rate and profitability of your lead generation campaigns.

Lead Generation Sales Funnels vary in performance and complexity. Advanced funnels are not complex necessarily. The content of its components defines the performance of a lead generation funnel.

Discover the most effective tactics of sophisticated funnels. Adopting and combining them appropriately in your strategy, you can create advanced as well as profitable funnels.

17 Best Lead Generation Techniques And Practices

1. Decision Tree In Marketing

The concept of the decision tree is one of the most important in lead generation marketing.

What Is A Decision Tree in marketing?

A Decision Tree in marketing is a flowchart that visualizes the various paths of a lead’s journey in a funnel. This method is one of the most effective in the lead generation process.

An effective way to apply this method is by using questionnaires. The page visitor fills in a short and engaging questionnaire. It must be helpful and provide guidance on a particular problem or need.

Every node of a Decision Tree represents a question in the questionnaire. Depending on the answer that a person provides, the question that follows varies.

The people become more engaged and feel like they are going to get personalized and very relevant information that will help to resolve their problem.

The technique of Decision Tree helps to qualify the leads and create more targeted email lists. So, you can send more customized and targeted email messages to your leads. This tactic can increase the email opens and conversion rate. The particular process is called segmentation.

2. Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity and urgency are among the most effective psychological triggers in marketing.

How To Implement Scarcity and Urgency

I mentioned the practice of creating a sense of urgency in the section about the Sales Page. So you know where you should use this. But how can you implement the scarcity and urgency tactics?

I am sure that you have seen countdown widgets in the landing pages of various offers online. You can apply this tactic using time or inventory limitations.

There is always a Call-To-Action button below the count-down widget. Such widgets are used on the landing page itself, or as content of a Popup window.

The message urges the web visitor to take action now to avoid missing out on an offer that is valid for a limited time or is limited in the sense of inventory availability. The effectiveness of these lead generation techniques is tremendous.

3. Exit Pop-Ups

Popup windows are everywhere on the internet, and they aim to capture the attention of the web page visitors.

What Is An Exit Popup?

How To Use Exit Pop-Ups

The Exit Pop-Up window is a separate window that appears after you exit a web page. Some people find this annoying, but there is proof that this tactic can increase the conversion rate of your sales page.

The goal of Exit Pop-Up windows in Lead Generation Marketing is to convince a web page visitor who is leaving without converting, to take action now.

But how can you persuade the people who are not converting now to change their minds? Many of these people are interested in your offer. That is the reason they visited your website in the first place.

But they are not ready to take action right now. What you must do is to make an irresistible offer or stress out the scarcity of your offer. In this way, some of them will change their mind and convert now.

4. Upsell

In your Sales Funnel, you can offer Upsell products or services. They should be related to your main offer.

What Is An Upsell?

Upsell is a more expensive high-end product but related to your main product.

Examples of Upsell products include a high-ticket membership or educational course, a full-featured software service plan, an advanced product or service, etc.

Promoting upsell products in your funnel is one of the best practices to increase the money that a customer spends in your business. In this way, you increase your revenue too.

Using this tactic, you provide more value, and more complete and advanced services to your customers. Consequently, they engage more with your brand.

Can you run low-cost advertising and email campaigns targeting an audience that is inclined to buy high-end products and services?

Using Upsells in your sales funnel, you can create an audience that is receptive to this price range. You can promote to this audience repeatedly and sell them more products.

How Upsells Are Used In A Lead Generation Funnel

Obviously, the use of upsell products in your sales funnel can increase the customer-lifetime-value, and subsequently your revenue. But they can play an important role in your Lead Generation Funnel too.

Targeting high-end customers in your Lead Generation campaign, a high-end offer can be much more attractive to them. If they see that you can offer something private or very special, they can become more inclined to give away their contact details.

For example, an one-to-one coaching session may not be part of your core services, but it can allure people who can afford this. Similarly, you can offer a premium amenity to the high-end customers in your resort.

This lead generation technique can find its place in every funnel, and it works wonders.

5. Cross-Sell

What IS A Cross-Sell?

A Cross-Sell is a product that is complementary to your main product.

Examples of Upsell products include: software plugins, additional features to a service, accessories for a hardware device, etc.

A Cross-sell provides your business with the same benefits like an Upsell. Sometimes marketers refer to them as Upsells too.

6. Downsell

What Is A Downsell?

A Downsell is a product or service that is less expensive than your main one. It is a chance to make your website visitors become customers, even if they are not willing or ready to buy your main offer now.

This is an excellent tacktick to use in your Sales Funnel. People are more inclined to buy an offer of great value for little money.

This is an opportunity to start a relationship with many more customers and build your relationship with them.

When you establish your relationship with them and earn their trust, it will be much easier to sell them a high-end product or service.

Examples of Downsells include: a 5 dollars eBook, a 70% discounted one hour consultation, a 50% discounted treatment in a beauty salon, a software service plan with limited features, etc.

Downsells are many times promoted using Exit Pop-Up windows. If you play this card wisely, you will boost your conversion rate.

How Downsells Are Used In A Lead Generation Funnel

Apart from the significant role of the Downsells to the Sales Funnel, they can also benefit the Lead Generation Funnel.

People are more inclined to give away their email, for a one dollar membership of a valuable service. They do not realize that buying this offer they just sell their contact details for a dollar.

Advanced Lead Generation Funnels are using this tactic with great results. At the same time, some of the ad spending is covered by the revenue that comes from the downsells.

Finally, using Downsells in Lead Generation is an effective way to qualify a lead. A person who is willing to pay a small price has a different mindset than a person who is looking to get something for free.

The separation of these two categories is important. Targeting the audience that is willing to pay a small price can convert much higher than targeting people who are looking for free stuff.

Downsells is one of the most effective lead generation techniques that can boost the conversion rate of any sales funnel.

7. Streamline Your Ad Copy With Your Landing Page

If you are looking for better conversions, you must be among the few who get it right. Make your Ad Copy congruent with your Landing Page. Keep the message of your ad consistent with the message on you landing page. The conversion rate of your landing page is going to be much higher.

People do not like to be tricked. When you promise something in your ad message, you should deliver this in your landing page. Make the process easy and straightforward.

To accomplish this requirement you must do two things:

  • The title of your ad should much the title of your landing page
  • You must give to the page visitor exactly what you promised in your ad message.

8. Sales Video

According to the statistics, the landing pages that use a sales video convert better than the others. The video can deliver your marketing message in a much more expressive and engaging way.

You have many options when it comes to a sales video creation. The key is to resonate with your target audience. You may use a presenter for your videos, shot them by yourself, create a whiteboard video, an animation video, etc.

Video Marketing is not all about budget. Companies with big budgets are testing the performance of videos that do not look the most professional. Test and optimize your videos until you find the one that performs better for your audience.

The sales video is one of the most trending lead generation techniques. An increasing number of landing pages adopt this method.

9. Email Marketing

Are you using email marketing? If not, then you let much money on the table. People must be exposed to the same offer at least 5 times before they take action.

Guess what happens when you pay per click on Google or Facebook Ads platform, to attract people and visit your landing page for the first time. Most probably these people will not buy your product.

You just paid for a people to see your offer only one time. These people are interested in what you are selling. But they are not familiar with your brand and your product.

How can you get them to know your brand? How can you put your product in front of the eyes of these people again? How can you try to entice them with a better offer and convince them to become customers?

You should collect the emails of these people and contact them again. You can do this by having an email marketing strategy in place. This is your best chance to convert more website visitors into customers.

There are many effective and affordable email marketing solutions in the market today. Take advantage of them. You can find the best email marketing services in the lead generation tools page.

Email marketing is one of the oldest but also effective lead generation techniques. Email marketing automation systems are trending in our days, and they are part of every high-performance sales funnel.

10. Live Chat Marketing

The landing pages that offer a responsive live chat have a much higher conversion rate. People are more inclined to engage with your business if you are there to answer their questions at the moment they are on your website.

The most important is to be responsive and available to support your website visitors. Also, you need a marketing strategy that can help you follow a step-by-step process to entice and engage as many website visitors as you can. The engagement may be a one-to-one consultation, closing a sale, booking an appointment, etc.

If the Live Chat is crucial for your lead generation sales funnel, you must run ad campaigns during the times that there is somebody available and ready to respond to your landing page visitors.

There are many effective and affordable live chat software solutions in the market today.

11. Chatbot Marketing

Live chat is one of the lead generation techniques that require a human to be engaged continuously. So, this is not an option for busy entrepreneurs. In this case, the solution is the chat bots.

A chat bot is a piece of software that automates business communication via a chat application. The best feature of this software is that it does not demand human intervention.

This software is affordable and can run on autopilot. It uses pre-made answers to standard questions. In every business, the clients are asking the same questions, and the answers are more or less the same.

Chat bots can automate this type of communication. Also, they can engage your website visitors to a helpful conversation. This tactic can lead to a sale or getting these people to know your products.

12. Industry-Specific Market Research Reports

Among all lead generation techniques and practices, the best are those that focus on targeting a specific market niece. Industry-specific market research reports are valuable to the related business audience.

Creating a market research report, and using it as a lead magnet in your marketing and advertising campaigns, will attract more leads.

At the same time, this tactic helps you to establish your brand as an authority in the specific industry.

You can create various market reports that your target audience will find them beneficial for their business. Providing value to your audience beforehand will make it more receptive to your business offers.

13. Webinars

Providing free webinars is one of the lead generation tactics that many marketers are using today.

This practice is beneficial, as well as engaging for the target audience. This way, you can establish your credibility in a specific market and start a valuable relationship with your leads.

You may apply this practice in your online lead generation funnels in B2B and B2C markets.

It is easy to create Webinars today. There are many user-friendly and low-cost software-as-a-service solutions that enable you to create an interactive webinar.

14. Made-For You Solution

It is common sense that in the same industry, businesses face the same problems or challenges.

One of the smartest lead generation techniques is to create a product that the businesses in a particular industry can utilize immediately.

A made-for-you solution is a product that solves a problem for a specific business category or market niche. You can use it as a hook in your funnel to attract the audience of this niche.

Using such a hook (lead magnet) is one of the trending online lead generation techniques today, and can significantly boost the conversions of your sales funnel.

15. Testimonials

Testimonials attribute social proof to your products and services. People are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, webinar, or apply for a one-to-one consultation session when they see that other people had a good experience with it.

Testimonials boost the conversion rate of all kinds of marketing campaigns. Ask your customers or incentivize them to provide you with a positive comment about your business. Include these positive comments on your landing pages.

Apart from social proof, people appreciate a lot the authority mentions. This tactic is easier for big companies but not for small businesses.

What is authority mentions in marketing?
Authority mention is when an authority in your industry, for example, an established magazine, or website, or business, or influencer, is mentioning your brand. This mention attributes credibility to your business.

16. Discount Coupons

You are familiar with the discount coupons in the retail market. Tests showed that this is one of the most effective lead generation techniques too.

People are willing to trade their contact details for a discount on their favorite products. Business people are also willing to do the same and secure a discount on business solutions.

So, whether you are running a B2B or B2c lead generation campaign, giving away a discount coupon can attract many leads. It is an old tactic that can boost the conversion rate of your marketing funnel.

17. Landing Page Optimization

Split testing your landing pages is essential in lead generation marketing. You should not neglect this process, but at the same time, you should not over-complicate it.

How To Optimize Your Landing Page

Run simultaneously two different versions of the same landing page, for a certain period, and using the same traffic source.

Differentiate the two versions only by one feature every time. For example, you may use a different variation of a headline, picture, video, background color, etc.

Keep it simple, but do not forget to track and keep notes of all changes you made during your tests. I consider landing page optimization as the most important of all lead generation techniques. This is the one that you must apply in your strategy.

Applying The Lead Generation Techniques

If you are looking for ways to boost the conversion rate of your opt-in landing page, you should test all these lead generation techniques.

In this guide, I put together 15 of the most impactful tactics in lead generation marketing today. Try them systematically, starting from those that make more sense to your business.

Applying the best lead generation techniques and practices online requires the use of the right software. You may find a complete list of them on the lead generation tools page here.

















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