January 22


Best Lead Generation Strategies 2021 In Digital Marketing

By WebProMarket

January 22, 2020

The goal of this guide is to provide you with the knowledge to create your own profitable lead generation strategies.

Discover the essential components of every profitable lead generation strategy. Learn how to assemble them to achieve your business goals.

The Ultimate List Of Lead Generation Strategies

Traffic Sources For Lead Generation

There is no such thing as the best traffic source in any case. Paid advertising is the only way to reach a big audience fast.

Paid advertising, organic marketing, and email marketing campaigns can be used at the same time to attract targeted visitors to your website. Online lead generation strategies make use of multiple traffic sources.

You can create paid ads on Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Taboola, Outbrain, Quora, and many other ads platforms and websites.

The best ways to promote your web page organically are:
using search engine optimization (SEO) in search engines
contributing to social media groups, forums, and Q&A websites

To get targeted web traffic to your website, you must invest either time or money or both of them.

What is the secret in choosing the best traffic source for your business?

Choose a traffic source for your lead generation strategy and master it. Every traffic channel is different, and the effectiveness of your advertising or marketing depends on how well you know it.

Discover invaluable tips on how to create and scale profitable ad campaigns in the Paid Ads Secrets chapter of this guide.

The Ultimate Inbound Strategy

Are you interested in growing your business and expanding your customer base organically? Discover the best inbound lead generation marketing strategy in this guide.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing aims for growing your customer base organically, through the creation and promotion of highly engaging content. It attracts customers through valuable informational content, rather than directly advertising products and services.
How To Create An Inbound Marketing Strategy

An inbound marketing strategy is a content marketing strategy in essence.

To create a successful and impactful content marketing strategy for your business, you need to accomplish the following tasks:

– Business and market analysis.
– Content marketing plan.
– Business growth ideas based on proven methods.
– Competition Analysis (advanced package)
– Content marketing strategy design and development.

Does it look daunting?

Do not panic. It is more simple than it seems if you follow my suggestions.

Follow my practical step by step guide and you will be off to the races.
First of all, you can outsource any of the above tasks and get them done very fast.

Second of all, you should educate yourself and get some basic knowledge of SEO, SEM, and story-telling copywriting.

You do not need to get everything perfect from scratch. And you do not need to do everything on the above list.

What you do need is to be practical and follow a simple content marketing plan consistently. Do not over-complicate the process.

You must start focusing on one content channel only. Create a youtube channel, a blog, or a social media profile. Craft engaging and relevant content and distribute it consistently to a targeted audience.

As soon as you find your way and create the right content for your audience, your following will grow. Consequently, the increasing awareness of your brand will result in more leads and customers.

For many small to medium businesses, a strong presence on one content channel is enough. But if you have the resources to become active on more than one, then this is going to be your next step.


  • You may ask the help of some influencers in your market, to give the initial traction to your content distribution marketing.
  • Paid Ads is a fast and effective way to boost your social media following, and gain the momentum to grow your content marketing organically.
  • Focus on delivering quality content and bring value to your followers. You must avoid the sales pitches by all means. In content marketing, you attract leads by occasional kind recommendations and lead magnets.
  • Direct the traffic to your landing pages and enjoy high quality leads flow on autopilot.

Time for action! Incorporate inbound marketing in your lead generation strategies. Discover the plethora and effectiveness of inbound marketing methods and how they can aid your business growth by generating highly targeted leads for your business.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience in lead generation marketing is crucial. But being successful and attracting quality leads takes more than this. The core element of all successful lead generation strategies is the analysis of the ideal customer profile.

Crafting an impactful marketing message requires the right timing and the right place as well. Those three factors define the effectiveness of your lead generation marketing strategy.

What Is The Customer Avatar?

The customer avatar is a set of characteristics that the ideal customer of a particular company should have. Leads who have these characteristics stand for more chances to become customers.

Documenting your customer avatar is recommended. To define your perfect lead, you must answer accurately and in detail three questions:

Who is your ideal customer? This set of characteristics may include: goals, values, habits, interests, educational level, marital status, parenting status, location, etc.
The more details you collect about the demographics of your ideal customers, the more targeted will be your ad copy and marketing creatives. Customize your strategy according to each one of these characteristics.

Where can this person be found? Knowing the profile of your ideal customers, you have to find out:
– what websites they are visiting
– what subjects they prefer consuming content online
– what influencers they are following
– what they are looking for in the various websites
– what they are doing online

What are the challenges and objections of your ideal customers?
Find out the problems that they are facing trying to achieve something important for them.
Discover their objections when it comes to investing in a solution that promises to resolve their problem or supports them to achieve a goal.

You must use all the details of your customer avatar to:
Target the right audience using the advanced capabilities of the advertising platforms.
Create a very targeted message and ad copy that will make an impact on the lead at first sight.
Create offers and lead magnets that are really useful for your prospects. Make your offer irresistible.
Find out where exactly your ideal customers can be found online and put your message in front of them.

Deliver Your Message Effectively

Where you deliver your message matters. People are in a different mindset, depending on the website that they are visiting, and what they are looking for on this website. This factor has a critical impact on the effectiveness of lead generation strategies.

For example, they are in a different mode when they are looking for used electric cars in their location on Google, than they are when watching vacation photos of a friend on Facebook.

People searching on Google are closer to the buyer mindset. So they are more receptive to advertisements related to discounts and best offers.

The advertisements on Facebook and all other social media are disruptive. People are not using them to find a solution to a problem or to search for products and services.

Therefore, you should craft the ad copy on social media differently than the ad copy on search engines. And there are differences between the various social media as well. People act differently and are looking for different things on every website.

Your lead generation marketing strategy should account for the place where you are going to display your promotional message. Adapt your ad copy and marketing materials to every single marketing channel and traffic source. That is the reason why mastering at least one marketing channel is highly recommended.

Timing Matters

It is a fact that human beings are more receptive to specific messages at specific times. Timing is a crucial factor in the process of leads collection. Take this into account while creating the lead generation strategy for your business.

When Is The Time To Capture The Leads Details?

The right time to convert the leads capturing their email address is when you have already provided them some value. For example, after they have watched an educational video or they have read an article on your landing page.

At this time, you have gained their trust, and they are ready to take the next step and make a small commitment. But only if you have an irresistible offer in place. The leads exchange their contact details for getting access to this offer.

Timing Your Messages In The Email Marketing Funnel

A series of follow up email messages is an essential part of all profitable lead generation strategies. Timing is different for every email message. The content and the objective of every email can and must be different as well.

For example, a person can sign up for your newsletter in exchange to access a useful guide. A few minutes later, a welcome message is automatically sent to this lead by your email marketing system.

The next day, the same person will receive a follow-up email that contains an offer for a paid membership. While your relationship with this person progresses, it makes sense the content and the objective of the second email to be different.

Copywriting For Lead Generation

Copywriting plays a crucial role in every lead generation strategy. Your ad copy and marketing content should either invoke the curiosity or promise to educate your audience.

This type of marketing message is a perfect fit for the specific time of the customer’s journey. You should streamline the ad copy or promotional content with the content of your landing page.

Avoid This Mistake In Your Ad Copy

The lead generation is the first phase of the buyer’s journey. If you are not Apple, Microsoft, or Coca-Cola, people do not care about your Black Friday 50% sale. Do not make this mistake running ad campaigns and marketing promotions to collect leads.

Top Secret To High CTR And Conversion Rate

The marketing copy defines the effectiveness of lead generation strategies.

The secret to high click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) is modeling successful ad copies and marketing content. I am going to teach you exactly how to spot them and how to use them in your digital marketing strategies.

Against what you may be thinking, being creative is not the best idea in ad creation! Especially when you do not have many years of experience. So, do not reinvent the wheel while you are running advertising and marketing campaigns.

Almost always, what converts in digital advertising and marketing is not what you are thinking. Companies from all industries invest big money to test the conversion rate of different ad copies and landing pages.

The marketing copy defines the effectiveness of lead generation strategies.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use their most successful copy, instead of trying to find out what works by yourself and drain the limited budget of your business?

Test Your Lead Generation Strategy

You need a simple but efficient way to test your strategy. I suggest testing only two strategy variations in a specific period.

The most important thing to remember is that you must change only one thing to your strategy, every time you run a test of a different variation.

The two variations of the strategy should differ to a single and similar component or feature.

For example, you can test your strategy against two different traffic sources. You can do this by sending traffic to your landing page using Facebook and Instagram Ads simultaneously.

Note that every other component of the strategy, as well as the lead generation funnel, must be identical. The other elements include the ad copy, the creatives, the landing page, the lead magnet, the timing, etc.

Another test you can run is sending traffic to your landing page from a single traffic source, but using two variations of your ad copy or creatives.

In the same fashion, you should split testing and optimize every component of your strategy. Being consistent and tracking the results of your strategy tests is crucial.

Testing lead generation strategies is imperative to your sales funnel optimization.

Create Your Lead Generation Strategy

Use the components that have been described in this chapter to create your lead generation strategy. Do not overthink every step of the process. Let the people and the statistics show you the winner strategy for your business.

It is of great importance to realize that documenting everything is the key to success. Testing is the only way to create highly profitable strategies.

Every business is unique. Creating a strategy that works for your business is the only way to succeed in lead generation marketing.

There is no reason, and you should not reinvent the wheel in the process of setting up a system that collects leads for your business.

To create lead generation strategies that will help you to grow your business fast, you should work continuously testing: proven methods, practices, creatives, ad copies, landing pages, email marketing funnels, etc.

The market is changing all the time. The players in every industry are changing and their strategies too. What works today will not work tomorrow. Your best strategy today will not perform the same forever.

Optimizing your strategy and testing new variations is the way to keep up with these changes, and get ahead of your competition.


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