The 4 Lead Generation Sales Funnel Stages: Complete Guide

In the following thorough guide, I reveal the secrets of a high-converting Lead Generation Sales Funnel. Such funnel consists of 4 essential stages. Learn how to create a web page that corresponds to each funnel stage and achieve each objective.

Lead Generation Sales Funnel: Definition And Fundamentals

What Is A Lead Generation Sales Funnel?

A Lead Generation Funnel is a defined set of web pages, online messages and processes, placed in a particular sequence. The main goal of the funnel is to collect the contact details of people, and qualify them as valid prospects for a business.

This type of funnel is referred to as Marketing Funnel as well. The term funnel helps to visualize the Lead Generation process. A Lead Generation Funnel is used to implement your strategy and achieve your business objectives.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

The Sales Funnel is the part of the system that guides a prospect from being a qualified lead to become a customer, and complete successfully a transaction.

The lead Generation Funnel is interconnected with the Sales Funnel. As soon as the leads reach the Sales Page, they enter the Sales Funnel.

What Is Cold Traffic?

Cold is the traffic that comes from your advertising campaigns or marketing promotions, and is totally unaware of your business, products and services.

These people may be coming from Google and their intent is to buy products or services that your business offers. You still need to warm those people, before you expose them to your offer.

What Is Warm Traffic?

Warm is the traffic that comprises people who have been exposed to your marketing content, and to a presentation of your business.

These people must have been qualified according to the criteria of your customer avatar. Also, they must have been subscribed to your email list.

The Components Of A Sales Funnel

In this chapter, you will learn how to create an effective lead generation sales funnel, by setting up and streamline it’s essential components one by one.

I will also reveal to you a few of the most current and profitable advanced strategies.

The essential components of a Lead Generation Funnel are:

  • The Bridge Page
  • The Thank-You Page
  • The Sales Page
  • The Drip Email Campaign

Let’s dive into the details of each component.

The 4 Lead Generation Sales Funnel Stages

Stage 1: Bridge Page

The Bridge Page is the first component of a funnel. You must direct to this page any cold traffic that is coming from the various traffic sources. It is crucial because it gives the first impression to the people who know nothing about your brand and your intentions.

What Is A Bridge Page?

The Bridge Page is a landing page that its role is to introduce your brand to new people and get them to know your products and services.

The goal of the Bridge Page is to warm up the cold traffic that comes from your advertising campaigns and other promotions.

The content of this type of landing page may include a video presentation, an advertorial, a guide, or a useful article.

The Call-To-Action

There is a Call-To-Action button that urges web page visitors to take action. This action can refer to a newsletter subscription, ebook download, filling in a questionnaire, applying for something, booking a service, etc.

The Bridge Page is a crucial component in a Lead Generation Sales Funnel. You have to warm the cold traffic and convince the people that they are going to get something valuable from you.

The more engaging is this page, the more successful will be your lead generation campaign. Remember that you try to start a relationship with the leads at this stage, and you do not try to sell anything.

Bridge Page Optimization

The Bridge Page is the first thing you must optimize and improve continuously. I suggest you provide massive value and relate with your audience and their problem or need.

Stage 2: Squeeze Page

If your Bridge Page is of high quality and helpful, the people will click on the Click-To-Action button, and they will land on your Squeeze Page.

An alternative name for the Squeeze page is Optin Page.

What Is The Squeeze Page?

The Squeeze Page hosts a kind of web form to capture the contact details of the visitors. The goal of this page is to entice them to fill-in and submit this form. They do this in exchange for a lead magnet.

The lead magnet can be a piece of valuable information, a guide, a custom consultation, an ebook, a video training course, some educational material, etc.

An alternative name for the Lead Magnet is Hook. You should have a high quality and irresistible Hook to achieve a high conversion rate.

The layout of the Squeeze Page is minimal and highly focused on its single goal. This is the entry point of a lead generation sales funnel.

Alternatively, instead of a Squeeze Page, you can use a Pop-Up window to host the web form. Once the visitors click the Call-To-Action button on the Bridge Page, a pop-up window that contains a subscription form appears.

As soon as the visitors complete this process and press the submit button, they become leads, and their details are going into your email marketing system or your CRM.

Stage 3: Thank-You Page

The third component of a Lead Generation Funnel is the Thank-You Page.

After the visitors of the Bridge Page submit their contact details, the system directs them to a page that is known as the Thank-You Page.

What Is A Thank-You Page?

The Thank-You Page is a landing page that its role is to provide the leads with what you have promised to give away, in exchange for their contact details.

First of all, you must welcome the leads and provide access to the valuable information of the Lead Magnet.

Second of all, you should invite the leads to join your Facebook group and page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn group, Twitter profile, etc. These micro-commitments increase the effectiveness and profitability of your campaign.

Another option on this page is to invite the leads to check out a relevant special offer of your business. This offer is not a freebie. It is one of your main products or services.

A special offer that is time-limited as well will make it more attractive to the people. It is your first attempt to expose the leads to a special offer of your products and services.

Once the leads click the Call-To-Action button, they will land to the Sales Page, which is a detailed presentation of your offer.

Stage 4: Sales Page

What Is A Sale Page?

A Sale Page is a complete presentation of the main product or service of your company. The goal of the Sales Page is to close a sale. You may use a variety of methods to convince the prospect to buy your offer.

The Format Of Sale Page

Most of the time, you must use the long-format for a copy of a Sales Page. This type of landing page contains much content, including text, visuals, and video.

Call-To-Action buttons

Throughout the content of the Sales Page, there must be Call-To-Action buttons, prompting the prospects to make an order. Online payment can be part of the transaction.

Urgency And Scarcity

A very effective method to increase the conversion rate is using a kind of special offer that is valid for a limited period. In this way, you can create a sense of urgency to the prospects, and give them a reason to act now.


Another practice that can improve the conversion rate is using testimonials. Social proof renders credibility to your offer and can make it easier to convince a prospect to commit and buy your product or service.

Sales Page Audience

The Sales Page is the third component of a Lead Generation Sales Funnel. The people who visit this page must be familiar with your business, qualified according to the criteria of your customer avatar, and prepared to consider buying your products and services.

You must realize that you should expose your Sales Page only to a warm audience. Many marketers get it wrong, and this is a crucial factor for improving the conversion rate of a funnel.

How To Create A Sales Funnel

The creation of a funnel requires the use of specialized software that is known as a Sales Funnel Builder. Using such software, you can easily create a sales funnel that comprises of the web pages which correspond to each Lead Generation Sales Funnel stage.

Note that every web page of a funnel aims to achieve a well-defined goal. You have to build each page with the corresponding goal in mind. Such pages are also known as landing pages, and they are part of the funnel. The effectiveness of every landing page defines the conversion rate of a sales funnel.

I recommend you to have a look at the Lead Generation Tools page of this website. On this page, you can find the best solutions in the market on how to create an effective funnel. Also, we provide free video tutorials with step-by-step instruction. Should you need further help, feel free to drop us a message using our contact form or on social media.





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