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Lead Generation Online Marketing: 4 Steps Guide

By WebProMarket

April 17, 2020

Lead Generation online marketing refers to the systematic method of collecting the contact details of specific people, who have many chances to become customers of a particular business.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to the systematic process of online lead generation, you are at the right place. But let me start with the fundamentals.

Lead Generation Online Marketing: Definition And Fundamentals

What is a lead?

A person or company that is interested in similar products or services that a business offers is considered a lead. The leads are potential customers.

A lead for your business is a person that must have qualified according to specific criteria. These criteria must match the profile of your ideal customer.

Collecting leads details, means that you will be able to put your message in front of them multiple times, and according to your marketing strategy.

While you advance your knowledge in lead generation online marketing, you will be able to utilize many communion channels and technologies. These include phone, email, sms, social media, ad platforms, chat apps, and others.

What a lead is not?

A lead is not an email. People can give a way to their email address for various reasons. An email list is not a list of leads.

The Leads are not emails. People can give away their email address for various reasons. An email list is not a list of leads.

So, let me clarify. Email is just one of the many ways that you can contact a person that is not a lead necessarily.

Why Lead Generation Online Marketing?

Every business under the sun needs a steady flow of customers to survive. A Lead Generation Online Marketing Funnel is the best way to achieve this. The pace of the customer flow defines the growth of a business.

The profitability and growth of your business depend on your ability to generate leads consistently and at a reasonable cost.

A profitable online funnel can continuously supply your business with quality leads on demand. So, you will never run out of customers.

What is the Lead Generation Process?

Lead generation is the process of generating and qualifying leads. Lead Generation online marketing requires the use of specialized software that enables you to create sales funnels, automate your marketing actions, and implement your marketing strategy.

What does it take to run profitable lead generation online campaigns for your business?

A proven strategy that works in your industry
The right software and tools for your business
Optimizing every part of the marketing funnel

Everything will be crystal clear to you while you are reading through this complete guide.

The Four Steps Of Lead Generation Online Marketing

This Lead Generation online marketing guide aims to introduce you to the four stages of this process. We are defining the goal and revealing the most effective ways to achieve this goal in every stage.

Step 1: Lead Awareness

At this stage, you have to introduce your brand to people who have the characteristics that make them good candidates for becoming your customers. The goal is to make them aware of your business, as well as your products or services.

How can you introduce your brand to the right audience?

The demographics of your targeted audience is the key. Criteria such as location, income status, family status, parental status, habits, and interests can help you define the right audience for your offer.

The more those people can resonate with your offer, the more receptive they will be to your message. Therefore, you will get a higher conversion rate, and your advertising campaigns will become more profitable.

How can you reach a big targeted audience online?

The only way to reach a big targeted audience fast is via paid advertising on search engines, social media, and well-established websites.

Please note that it takes more knowledge and experience to run advertising campaigns profitably. A lead generation online marketing strategy and effective sales funnel can make it easier and widens the profit margins.

The key to paid advertising is to target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Sending the traffic from your digital ads to a high converting sales funnel is the best way to grow fast your business online.

Attracting and influencing people on social media, forums, and video channels are the most effective and affordable ways to introduce your business to new people. The main activities include consulting people on how to resolve their problems and distributing engaging content.

Referral marketing is quite effective in the lead awareness stage. People tend to socialize and work with other people who have similar interests and activities. Incentivizing your existing customers to recommend your brand to their friends and co-workers is a top method to spread the word about your business.

Step 2: Lead Consideration

At this stage, you have to entice the lead to consider your product or service as the best solution to resolve a problem or satisfy a particular need.

To achieve this goal, you have to develop trust in your relationship with a lead. The best method to do this is by providing value and educating the lead on a particular subject.

Providing a personalized experience to the lead and supporting him/her on how to choose the best service or product is the key to success.

The role of the web page where you send the traffic from your paid ads and online marketing is to build this relationship with the lead. The effectiveness of your web page’s content on this role defines the conversion rate of your advertising campaign.

Everybody deserves a second chance.

A second chance in dating can make all the difference. The same stands for lead generation online marketing. But how can you send another message to a visitor who left your website?

You must realize at this stage of lead generation that you can still create a relationship with somebody, even if you do not make him/her fall in love at first sight.

So, you have to collect the lead’s contact details and be able to contact him at a later time with a different message. Optimally, you should also follow this lead on social media and other websites. I am going to teach you exactly how to do this in practice.

Step 3: Lead Qualification

In lead generation online marketing, the lead qualification is an essential process and defines the value of a lead to a specific business. Marketers use specific methods that help to qualify a lead according to a predefined set of criteria.

Every business can describe the profile of the person that makes an ideal customer for its products/services. The characteristics of this person are the criteria to qualify a valuable lead for this business.

A qualified lead is considered a prospect for a company. This prospect is a person or business that has a high probability of becoming a customer.

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a way to estimate the value of a lead to a particular company. The most valuable leads are those who match the criteria of the ideal customer. Evaluating your leads is essential in lead generation online marketing.

Ranking the leads helps to:

  • prioritize the communication
  • assign a value to a lead
  • define the marketing strategy
  • customize the message to resonate with a specific audience

What are the best ways to qualify a lead?

The Questionnaire

One of the most popular and effective ways to qualify leads is by asking them to complete short questionnaires. The questions correspond to the criteria which have been defined by the company that is running the lead generation online marketing campaign. In case the person gives the desired answers then qualifies as a prospect.

The Advertorial

Another well-known lead qualification is using an advertorial. The advertorial is an educational article that provides valuable information on a specific subject.

Many times the content of an advertorial supports the reader to make an important decision or helps the reader to resolve a specific problem.

There is always a call-to-action at the end of such an article. If the person responds to this call-to-action then qualifies as a prospect.

The Conversation

You can qualify a lead by chatting on social media or a messaging application. By starting a conversation with a person who is interested in your products/services, you have the opportunity to qualify this person as a prospect and sometimes to close a sale at the same time.

Many software and technologies support lead generation online marketing and leads’ qualification in our days. Read on to discover the best of these solutions and which ones fit the needs of your business.

Step 4: Lead Conversion

What Is A conversion?

In digital marketing, a conversion is when a website visitor is taking a specific action that we want him to accomplish. This action can be buying a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter, filling in an application form, booking an appointment, etc.

At this stage, the lead who clicked on your paid ad or clicked a link in the content of a marketing campaign is directed to your web page. So the lead is visiting your web page for the first time.

What Is Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate represents the percentage of the people, out of the total number of website visitors, who completed a specific action during a defined period.

For example, a 3% conversion rate means that 3 out of 100 web page visitors accomplished a specific action.

What Is A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is a link or button in your content that prompts the user to take a specific action. If the user completes this action successfully, we have a conversion.

When A Conversion Happens?

In lead generation online marketing, a conversion happens when a website visitor submits his/her name, email, and other contact details to a subscription form. So, the website visitor becomes a lead, and his/her contact details can be found in your email marketing list or CMS system.

It is very important to understand that you have to collect the contact details of the leads and be able to contact them via email, SMS, and phone. This is the essence of lead generation online marketing.

But why would somebody like to give away his/her contact details? Let me introduce you to the concept of the lead magnet.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of information or a personalized service that we can provide to a website visitor in exchange for his/her contact details. A lead magnet can be a customized consult, an e-book, an educational video course, a step-by-step guide, etc.

Applying The Lead Generation Online Marketing Process

You have to use a sales funnel builder software to apply the four steps of the Lead Generation online marketing process. The software enables users to create systematic sales funnels, applying the four steps that I described in this article.

A lead generation funnel is the part of a sales funnel that aims to collect and qualify leads. Many times business people use the term sales funnel interchangeably. The leads exit a sales funnel as soon as they complete a transaction.

In the second part of this guide, I explain in detail every component of a profitable lead generation funnel online.

You have to use the sales funnel builder that I mention in the recommended Software and Tools page of this website. The process is simple, fast, and does not require any technical knowledge.




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