7 Lead Generation Ads Best Practices

Running profitable ad campaigns for lead generation is the holy grail in online business today. I am going to reveal to you my 7 online lead generation ads best practices. They all belong to the marketing arsenal of super successful marketers, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

The only way to achieve substantial business growth is running paid ad campaigns at scale, and at the same time maintaining wide profit margins.

The advanced practices that I am going to reveal to you in this chapter have the potential to increase the profit margins of your advertising campaigns remarkably.

I strongly recommend incorporating these practices and methods into your lead generation strategy. They have proven themselves to be beneficial when you use them in the right context.

The Best 7 Online Lead Generation Ads Practices

1. Ad Campaigns Optimization

Ad campaigns running on every advertising platform have to be optimized continuously. This process aims to make the ads reach and maintain a certain level of performance. I put ads optimization on the top of my list because this is the number one of the recommended online lead generation ads best practices.

Ad Optimization For Lead Generation

In the Lead Generation context, Ad optimization must take place before funnel optimization. You need to expose your offer to the right audience to confirm whether it converts or not.

2. How To Choose The Right Audience

At the initial stage, you have to send traffic from several relevant but distinct audiences to the same offer and funnel. These are relatively broad audiences. You must choose the one that generates the most conversions.

If your offer does not convert when advertised to a targeted audience, there is no reason to optimize any other part of the lead generation funnel. You must have an offer that converts when exposed to the right audience.

For this test, you do not need a very narrow audience. An audience with a general interest in the specific market niche should convert to some extent. You must only advertise a product that people are interested in buying.

3. Split Testing Ads

Split testing is the process of running two or more ads simultaneously. Send the ads traffic to the same landing page and sales funnel. After spending 100-200 dollars, you should be able to pick the winner ad.

But which one is the winner? The ad that generates the most conversions is the winning ad. You should retire the rest of them, and create a new ad to compete with the winner. You have to repeat this process continuously.

At this stage, you need an ad that generates at least x3 return of investment (ROI). Further and in-depth ad campaign optimization takes place when we start the process of the ads scaling.

Split testing is one of the critical lead generation ads best practices online.

4. Copywritin For Lead Generation Ads

When it comes to online advertising, direct selling ads do not convert well anymore.

You must be creative with your ads and find the right angle to deliver your message to your audience. Lead generation ads best practices include the creation of ad copies that focus on attracting leads by underlining the value and not the product.

An effective tactic is to create valuable content for your target audience and use the advertisements to attract the leads to this content. After establishing a relationship with the people who are consuming your content, then you may kindly suggest your product or make an offer that will resolve their problem.

You must line up the ad message with the landing page heading. Furthermore, the landing page must provide 100% whatever the ad promised. Finally, the ad message must resonate with your audience.

5. Initial Ads Optimization

By now, you should have an ad that performs well and generates a high ROI of at least three times your ad spend. When this happens, the initial ad campaign optimization is complete.

If this is not the case, you must revise your offer, as it may not resonate with the audience of the specific niche. Only do this after testing your offer with all possible relevant audiences.

Let’s assume that you have a high-performance ad. The next step is to start scaling and optimizing your ads in depth. As soon as your ad is hyper-optimized, you should start optimizing your marketing and sales funnel.

6. Scaling Up Ad Campaigns

What Is Ad Scaling?

Ad scaling is the process of gradually investing more money in your profitable ads, and switching off the losing ones. The goal of this process is to maximize your profits.

Scaling your ads is the most challenging process. The first thing that you will notice is that your profit margin will drop dramatically. The solution to this problem is the extensive optimization of the ad.

How can you scale your ads?

Scaling and optimizing your ads at the same time is the best strategy. When your profit margin drops, you start optimizing every part of your ads, as well as all components of your funnel.

You do this repeatedly and systematically until you reach higher performance in terms of ROI. Once you achieve this, it is time to start scaling again. And this process goes on.

Is it always possible to scale your ads?

Lead generation ads best practices cannot guarantee that it is possible to scale your ads.

You know whether or not ad scaling is possible only after extensive optimization of your ads and funnel. Most of the time, a new method, or different angle approaching your audience, will put you back in the ad scaling game.

Be creative and prolific when it comes to ad creation. Also, it is crucial to be consistent and document the results of the optimization process.

What are the most important metrics in ad performance?

The metrics that matter in the ad optimization process are the cost of advertising and the average revenue. You must focus only on how much profit you make for the money you spend.
Use all other metrics to spot a problem, disparity, or flaw in your ad campaigns. This way, you can check and optimize all variables that affect the performance of your ads.

Double down on your winning ads

You must double down on your winning ads, but not always. You do this only when an ad generates a profit of at least three times your ad spend.

Otherwise, scaling ads that perform poorly can make them stop being profitable and start losing your money.

When is the time to stop scaling an ad?

You can test the profitability limits of each ad by spotting the time that its performance is slowing down. It is the time when the ad starts generating fewer conversions for the same amount of money spent in ads.

Finally, I suggest you cross-reference Google Analytics reports with those in the advertising platform in use (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

These are the three main actions to scale your ads:

Double down on high- performance ads
Keep running the winning ads on the same budget
Switch off the losing ads

You can run profitable ad campaigns for your business and scale them to tens of thousands in monthly revenue by using the online lead generation ads best practices in this guide.

7. Remarketing Audiences

For a long time, remarketing was one of the secret lead generation ads best practices. Recently, an increasing number of digital marketers are learning how to use this tactic properly.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the advertising method that targets people who have visited your web properties such as your website, youtube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, etc.

These people constitute the perfect audience for your ad campaigns because they are interested in your market niche, and they know your brand.

Therefore, targeting this audience, you can achieve four to six times higher the conversion rate than targeting new people who do not know you.

There is a big difference between dealing with a cold audience and a warm audience. Additionally, customizing your ad copy and offer according to the different segments of your audience is crucial.

Remarketing is the secret sauce in the marketing strategy of the most successful startups, established companies, and entrepreneurs.

In Lead Generation marketing, creating remarketing audiences is as beneficial as creating email lists.

Adapting your offers and messages to different segments of your audience can substantially increase the performance of your lead generation campaigns.

Final Thoughts On Lead Generation Ads Online

In the competitive environment of online advertising, the only way to win this game and secure healthy profit margins for your ad campaigns is to adopt and utilize all lead generation ads best practices.

The requirement for a better understanding of concepts related to data analytics and artificial intelligence makes many entrepreneurs and businesses incompetent.

But there is a solution. Until you are in a position to acquire the necessary knowledge and utilize advanced technology and tools, work more on your ad copy, and advertise for less competitive keywords. Finally, you should prefer to promote your products in less competitive advertising channels.




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